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  • project A: We specialize in manufacturing, aluminum and high-zinc alloy precision molding parts. We specialize two things in this industries, the first thing is to do high-precision parts; the other thing is to do high-precision parts mold.

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  • We have served more than 500 companies, and produce a large number of precision alloy fittings. Of course, we are the first choice if you need them.

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  • We are professional and have Lead-edge technologies. On the other hand, we friendly serve our customers, and all our customers can get unexpected harvest. we are professional, so we have advantages.

About our Company


     LANGOZ Ltd. is specializing in precision die casting of zinc, aluminum manufacturing miniature to large precision components utilizing proprietary multi-slide and conventional hot and cold chamber die-casting technology. With more than 10 years experience of zinc/aluminum alloy precision parts manufacturing, we can integrate injection molding, stamping, machining, assembly and other technologies, to provide customers with one-stop-shop service and

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